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The Fastest way to Epicor is via Quartz


Quartz Group, Inc. was founded by ERP implementation experts, all working independently within the industry for many years. Each has had many years of implementing experience and experience in supporting several different products in a wide variety of industries globally. Despite this broad background, each found themselves consistently aligning with Epicor. The team now numbers over 10 consultants and programmers.


We only work with the very best and knowledgeable consultants and it is our belief that a top ERP consultant must have worked “on the other side of the fence” in the client environment, that is a pre-requisite to work for Quartz Group. When coupling extensive Epicor software knowledge with a sound general education from within business, the result is a well rounded consultant able to offer the very best advice to clients.


Aligning ourselves with Epicor has been no accident. Not only do we feel they offer the best value for money ERP solution in the market today but we are confident with their speed of development, they will increase their advantage over their competition in years to come. We provide services to all of North America, Central & South America and Canada. As well as on-site support we offer remote support by telephone and/or dial-in.


Mission Statement


Quartz Group is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service at all levels. Being focused on one software platform and being a small team allows us to “react” quickly to client needs. From initial implementation, through product customization and eventually into long term support, Quartz Group is there when you need us. On time, all the time!
It is our mission to create long term partnerships with our clients for the duration of their time on the Epicor platform.


Our Team


Our team here at Quartz Group recognizes that purchasing a world class software platform such as Epicor is only half of the “success” equation. We take nothing for granted and realize careful planning, a deep understanding of the client and their needs and an even deeper understanding of the software are all key to a successful project.
All Quartz staff has seen “life on the other side” and have non IT backgrounds before coming into the IT world and more ultimately the IT consulting world. With an ever developing product such as Epicor, it is essential our consultants are constantly educated in the latest releases and new functionality of the software.


Whilst being a small, dynamic, responsive team, our numbers are sufficient that we are able to cover all aspects of the software in depth. We also strive to forge the very best relationships with the technical development team at Epicor for just that occasion when a challenge presents our team with problem outside of our extensive knowledge.


Overall, every member of the team recognizes that your success is our success and this is what we live by day after day. Now with that said, give us a call or contact us here and let's get started on your future!

SysAid Help Desk

Access your Quartz Group, Inc. SysAid help desk by using the link above.  You can create a help desk ticket, review statuses on current your tickets, and update your company and/or user information.  You can also access our Knowledge Base articles to review Epicor documentation.



Quartz Group, Inc. offers monthly support agreements to help assist with all levels of Epicor® from training through customizations.  We offer 24/7 telephone, web, or on-site support.  Secure Help Desk software is included which assists with tracking and managing all of your Epicor® support needs.


Custom Solutions

Quartz Group, Inc. can develop custom solutions within the Epicor environment based upon your business needs.  Our staff is highly trained and qualified to assist with assessing what options best suite your needs.  From design to deployment, we can help make your software and reports work for you.


Sonas Intelligence

Business Intelligence Solutions for Users of Epicor and Other ERPs.  Measure what Matters:  From Executive Dashboard Creation through Individual Salesperson and Product Analytics.

Dozens of “Out of the Box” Dashboards with the ability to create Many More, Quickly and Easily.



Privacy and confidentiality are important to our clients and to us. We not only recognize this, but have put together a detailed policy to ensure we are holding ourselves to the highest standards.  Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy to review how we protect our clients data and ensure confidentiality.