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Deliver experience tested and tailored Epicor solutions that align with your business process, to keep your business moving forward.
To create long term partnerships with our clients by providing outstanding customer service at all levels. your success is our success and this is what we live by day after day.
Quartz Group, Inc. was founded by ERP implementation experts, all working independently within the industry for many years. Each has had many years of experience in implementing/supporting several different products in a wide variety of industries globally.
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Our team here at Quartz Group recognizes that purchasing a world class software platform such as Epicor is only half of the “success” equation. We take nothing for granted and realize careful planning, a deep understanding of the client and their needs and an even deeper understanding of the software are all key to a successful project.

All Quartz staff has seen “life on the other side” and have non IT backgrounds before coming into the IT world and more ultimately the IT consulting world. With an ever developing product such as Epicor, it is essential our consultants are constantly educated in the latest releases and new functionality of the software.

Whilst being a small, dynamic, responsive team, our numbers are sufficient that we are able to cover all aspects of the software in depth. We also strive to forge the very best relationships with the technical development team at Epicor for just that occasion when a challenge presents our team with problem outside of our extensive knowledge.

Overall, every member of the team recognizes that your success is our success and this is what we live by day after day. Now with that said, give us a call or contact us here and let’s get started on your future!

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