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Audrey Mann

Audrey has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and manufacturing software. Her knowledge base ranges from implementation to user education and training.
Implementation Experience
Audrey brings years of system implementation, training and business process re-engineering experience to Quartz Group. She has been supporting the Epicor product by performing upgrades, implementations, and training as well as help desk support.
Software Experience
Audrey is a technology savvy and results-oriented person with vast experience in software and hardware. She is proficient in solving complex technical issues resulting in increased productivity and sales. Her experience ranges from network administration, backup and recovery procedures, troubleshooting hardware and software and web design to ERP software administration. She is well versed in a wide range of technologies and currently specializes in Epicor.
Work History
Audrey’s work history began in Accounting. For over fifteen years she worked in the accounting field. As technology continued to advance, Audrey’s focus began leaning towards system software and ERP systems. For the past seven years, her focus has been on supporting users of Epicor and Epicor systems administration.
Graduated from University of Phoenix – 2013
Epicor 9 Accounts Payable
Epicor 9 Accounts Receivable
Epicor 9 Embedded Customization
Epicor 9 Engineering
Epicor 9 Financial Implementation Camp
Epicor 9 General Ledger
Epicor 9 Implementation Camp
Epicor 9 Quote Management
Epicor 9 Signature Methodology Best Practice Implementation
Epicor ERP 10 AFR
Epicor ERP 10 Configurator
Epicor ERP 10 Education Financial Management
Epicor ERP 10 Education Tools and Technical
Epicor ERP 10 Epicor Social Enterprise
Epicor ERP 10 Financials
Epicor ERP 10 System Administration
Epicor ERP 10 Tools and Technical