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A uniform, cloud based, data exchange system to keep information moving seamlessly
between businesses.

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Electronic Data Interchange

is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. B2B transactions performed using EDI increase effeciency, decrece costs, provide transparency, and cut labor costs.

Achieve seamless data
transactions with your
business partners coupled
with concise reporting.

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Implementation Speed

We will work with your partners technical teams to cordinate implementation and testing to get you up and running with your trading partners fast. we average up to 6x faster inmplementations of the software.


Future Proof

integrations with partners VAN networks coupled with seamless conversion and integration as they move to an AS2 interface.


Reliable infastructure

built on top of Microsoft Azure, and ECGRIDs, by loren data, world class infrastructure.


Monitoring & Reporting

We actively track network traffic, issues, and changes to proactively address them. Detailed 24/7 access to reporting keeps you informed each step of the way. so you get a clear picture of your electronic transactions.

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With over 170,000 integrated partners

and counting an ECGrid partnership creates out of the box implementation setup with minimal connection creation time necessary to connect with brands such as:

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“The annual volume of global EDI transactions exceeds 20 billion per year and is still growing.”

According to a research study from Forrester, EDI continues to prove its worth as an electronic message data format. This research states that For buyers that handle numerous transactions,

using EDI can result in millions of dollars of annual savings due to early payment discounts. From a financial perspective alone, there are impressive benefits from implementing EDI Solutions.

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Improve efficiency, cut costs, and
save time with Quartz implemented
EDI Solutions. Contact us today.

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