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Stages of Implementation
Business Process Review
Once plans are developed and agreed the next phase is to understand “as is” stage. Quartz Group can perform a full review of your current state, procedures and practices and even document them for you. The most crucial stage in any new systems implementation is the merger of “new with old”. Every business is different and we never forget this when developing solutions for clients. The output from this stage will offer a vast array of business improvement opportunities open to the client by changing methods and practices. How many of those advantages as seized upon will be the decision of the client in all cases. And it is for this very reason why we chose our consultants carefully, this knowledge cannot be learned in a classroom; it only comes with years of field experience.
Data Migration
The “leap” from old system to new is always a daunting path strewn with danger and opportunity. On the one hand you want to ensure data integrity is maintained for all migrated data but it could also be an opportunity for some housekeeping/archiving of old system data you do not wish to bring across form old, legacy systems. Quartz Group are specialists in Epicor’s Data Migration Tools where exactly this flexibility can be delivered. In general terms, old data is taken from old system, cleansed by client management and then uploaded to Epicor, all within one simple tool. Making the decision to extract history and import into Epicor is another decision Quartz Group is able to advise on. No one answer is right for everybody.
Design and Development
Despite Epicor being a feature rich ERP system capable of delivering almost every possible business need, meeting unique client-specific requirements, often requires software to be “tailored” to maximize its “fit”. Taking the outputs from Business Process Review mentioned earlier, Quartz Group is able to deliver reports, customize screens, or create new functionality.
Business Process Re-Engineering
It is sometimes not beneficial to “bend” the new system to the current practices of the client but instead to re-engineer business processes to fit the software. Following this logic will typically save both time and money during the implementation plus deliver a more cost effective, streamlined approach. Getting the balance right between “bending” the software and “bending” the client is an area where Quartz Group feels their consultants have an advantage due to extensive, deep product knowledge.

SysAid Help Desk

Access your Quartz Group, Inc. SysAid help desk by using the link above.  You can create a help desk ticket, review statuses on current your tickets, and update your company and/or user information.  You can also access our Knowledge Base articles to review Epicor documentation.



Quartz Group, Inc. offers monthly support agreements to help assist with all levels of Epicor® from training through customizations.  We offer 24/7 telephone, web, or on-site support.  Secure Help Desk software is included which assists with tracking and managing all of your Epicor® support needs.


Custom Solutions

Quartz Group, Inc. can develop custom solutions within the Epicor environment based upon your business needs.  Our staff is highly trained and qualified to assist with assessing what options best suite your needs.  From design to deployment, we can help make your software and reports work for you.



Quartz Group, Inc. was founded by ERP implementation experts, all working independently within the industry for many years. Each has had many years of implementing experience and experience in supporting several different products in a wide variety of industries globally.



Privacy and confidentiality are important to our clients and to us. We not only recognize this, but have put together a detailed policy to ensure we are holding ourselves to the highest standards.  Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy to review how we protect our clients data and ensure confidentiality.