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Product Configuration

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our team of Epicor Product Configurator experts are ready to assist you by providing remote or on-site training,

We Have Great People, like Don Luoto, that can assist with your Epicor Product Configurator implementation and support.  Most configurators fall into one of these categories:

  • Turnkey Configurator where it is used from quote or order entry and the job produces the configured product and it is shipped without any human review of detail at any point in the business process.
  • Configure for Engineering where Customer Service enters basic product specifications and options and a job or quote method is created, but engineering must review and possibly design specific components and finalize the method.  Pricing is usually finalized after engineering in this case.
  • Configure Finished Good Part Numbers where the configurator is a tool used by engineering to create finished good part numbers with full methods of manufacture, that are then offered with fixed options in a catalog/price environment.  Usually for annual product line changes.
  • Configure to Create Part Numbers where the configurator is a tool that creates part numbers at all levels in engineering using smart part numbering logic and intelligent part descriptions.  This kind of tool can be useful to formalize part creation and management by not allowing the creation of duplicate parts within engineering.

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Quartz Group and our team of Epicor Product Configurator experts are ready to assist you by providing remote or on-site training, project management, design services, user acceptance testing, and go live support.
Allow us to help integrate your business processes and align your teams to pull together the needs of sales, engineering, manufacturing, and services into a total solution!

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Epicor Product Configurator

Epicor Product Configurator is designed to facilitate the efficient quoting, ordering and manufacture of highly customizable products with complex requirements and a myriad of options. It provides companies that build highly customizable and dimensional Make-to-Order (MTO) products with the ability to create accurate Methods of Manufacture (manufacturing routings and material content).

In addition to routings and bills of material, the configurator can calculate complex pricing from various data sources.  It also can format and control most data elements throughout the quote to job process, such as line comments and operation comments.

Actual on-the-fly product configuration takes place using an interactive input session when you elect to configure a base universal part entered in:

  • Order Entry
  • Opportunity/Quote Entry
  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Job Entry
  • Demand Entry
  • Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) Web Basket

You can configure products through a straightforward question and answer evaluation, or by entry of Smart Strings (intelligent part numbers) used to identify a particular configuration of an item. This configuration process is also Web-enabled, available to remotely connected users through the use of mobile functionality in their Epicor ERP solution. You can use the Configurator to automate sales force efforts, facilitate closer supplier-customer partnerships, lower the workload of the Engineering department, or to generate standardized parts and components.

A major benefit of developing configurators is that a configurator takes all the product and process “know how” from all experts in the business and creates a common tool that can be used by anyone in the organization to create valid products.  Customer service staff can then focus on customer relations instead of having to be sales engineers.

A study conducted by AMR Research, Of Configurators and Configuration: Lessons from Leaders, noted “leading companies are able to shift gears to drive more power and flexibility in their configuration processes. This means the ability to translate an opportunity into a profitable lifecycle where products and services can be sensed, fulfilled, monitored, and extended.  Companies are continually building out more complex solutions to add value and prevent commoditization.  As they do this, they must integrate processes and align teams to pull together the needs of sales, engineering, manufacturing, and services into a total solution.”

Don’t take our word for it!  Just ask one of our happy customers like Gene Horlander at Techniks.

Techniks Industries is the parent company of several prominent brands in the industry — NAP Gladu, Riverside Tool, RKO Saw, Intooligence, Techniks and Parlec.  Intooligence is a robust, yet easy to use, software suite that helps both tool service providers and end-users track and manage tooling; it’s about lifecycle tool cost management for its customers.  With Intooligence, service providers can significantly streamline order processing and provide customers with cost estimates and acknowledgements of tools being serviced.  Using the consulting and programming services from Quartz Group, Techniks implemented the Product Configurator module, and using Web Services, connected Intooligence with Epicor ERP.  Gene Horlander, Chief Information Officer at Techniks Industries, says, “We are very happy with the Epicor Product Configurator module, which replaced our legacy, highly-customized solution.  We could not have been as successful without the support of the Don Luoto and the Quartz team.”

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