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We Have Great People, like Don Luoto, that can assist with your Epicor Product Configurator implementation and support.

Most configurators fall into one of these categories:

Turnkey Configurator:  Used from quote or order entry and the job produces the configured product and it is shipped without any human review of detail at any point in the business process.

Configure for Engineering:  Customer Service enters basic product specifications and options and a job or quote method is created.  But, engineering must review and possibly design specific components and finalize the method.  Pricing is usually finalized after engineering in this case.

Configure Finished Good Part Numbers:  The configurator is a tool used by engineering to create finished good part numbers with full methods of manufacture.  they are then offered with fixed options in a catalog/price environment.  Usually for annual product line changes.

Configure to Create Part Numbers:  The configurator is a tool that creates part numbers at all levels in engineering.  It uses smart part numbering logic and intelligent part descriptions.  This kind of tool can be useful to formalize part creation and management by not allowing the creation of duplicate parts within engineering.

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