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Aware Products I have used Quartz for a couple years now. The team they have ass
Aware Products
I have used Quartz for a couple years now. The team they have assembled proves to be a priceless asset every time I use them. I have never hesitated to make the call to solicit their help, thoughts and in many cases their ideas. The Quartz Group’s mix of technicians have always been able to accomplish the customizations and customized functions that we have asked of the software, even when others said it could not be done, and at a very competitive price.
I would and do highly recommend them whenever I am questioned for a resource.


Jeffrey A Baum
Director, Information Technology
Aware Products, LLC
We went live with our Epicor 9 implementation in July 2011. Quartz Group assisted greatly in the pre go-live preparation(data conversion, etc…) and successfully enabled an implementation where we did not miss a beat running all critical business functions. We are still partnered with the Quartz HelpDesk team to support continuous improvement activities – they are very responsive, provide tremendous technical expertise, and are truly focused on the customer experience.
Matt Hellwig and the Quartz Group team has been a pleasure to work with, and I would strongly recommend him and the Quartz Group for any project involving data conversion and Epicor 9 consulting.
Bob Tucker
Vice President, General Manager
Entrepix, Inc.
Janus Elevator
Janus had an E9 implementation involving extensive customizations. We made the request of Quartz to provide near full time, on-site consultancy in order to better understand our needs as these customizations are developed. Quartz were able to ring-fence the same consultant for the 6 month duration of the implementation. Our demands were bordering on unreasonable but never did Quartz miss a deadline, delivering high quality customizations at every step.
We have maintained our relationship with Quartz since go-live back in July 2011 and would recommend their post go-live support services as highly as their implementation services.
Mike Sable
Power Great Lakes
It was September and we wanted to upgrade our system from Vantage 6 to Epicor 9 by year end. We contacted Epicor and two partners for quotes. Both Epicor and the other partner claimed they were unable to complete the task in such a short window of time. Quartz Group not only claimed to be able to deliver but also guaranteed it in writing. On signing the contract we had 11 weeks to take a $175M power systems manufacturer from a seven company installation to a single company, single plant instance of Epicor 9. Quartz did all the data conversion, training, customizations, which were extensive, and we went live on schedule Jan 3rd 2012. I later discovered that many of my team had bets with colleagues that it could not be done. My internal team worked incredibly long hours for that short time but we all look back and recognize it would not have been possible without the leadership and direction offered by Quartz Group, when our heads went down, they kept us on track.
Not only were their on-site implementation team strong and knowledgeable in both manufacturing expertise and Epicor 9 product but the depth of their remote technical resources never flinched at some complex customizations we through at them. We are about to move the last of our business’s onto Epicor 9 and will not waste time asking for RFQ’s in the market place, we will be using Quartz Group for this phase too.
Thanks to the team at Quartz, you certainly earned my respect and renewed my faith in consulting firms, which I have not had for many years.
Tom Somodi
Chief Operating Officer
Saint Gobain Solar Glass
As a new start up, the Epicor 9 implementation prepresented an unusual challenge. We had an empty building with machinery arriving. Designing an ERP system around something you cannot see or touch presented rather unique challenges. With years of experience in the manufacturing arena Quartz Group were able to visualize what we were going to need and went about their business designing the system, whilst we at SG went on building our factory. When ready, we asked Quartz Group to commence training. The system they had designed was so close to what we needed, only minor tweaks were required for our go live. All of this was delivered in an incredible 3 months.
I would recommend these guys to anybody in need of a professional, rapid, no fuss implementation.
Betsy Witkop
Outstanding result! Quartz delivered our implementation of Epicor 9 on time and on budget. We opted for their Quick Launch program as we were so busy wrestling with the challenges of a growing business we needed our chosen partner to carry out all the heavy lifting for us. Each milestone step was delivered on or ahead of schedule. One area worthy of particular mention was how Quartz Group handled the training, whilst delivering the end result; it was light and fun, not what we expected. Coming off an ageing green screen technology, like many organizations we faced massive change management issues but somehow Quartz made it feel a pleasure to learn and were able to settle the nerves of even our most resistant people.
Not only did we choose Quartz Group for our implementation but we were so pleased with the service, we have gone on to sign a long term support agreement with them.
Tom Keough
Our previous consulting partners could not meet our ever-growing challenges as our business grew. Quartz Group quite literally came to our rescue with little notice and multiple resources who could dive into our project, delivering results on-time and on-budget well exceeding our expectations. Our Epicor 9 implementation would not have been successful without the Quartz Group! We look forward to a long partnership with them.
Kathy Ward, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Tru-Flex Metal Hose