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Tickets, Please!

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If you haven't seen any of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ games yet, please set your DVR to catch Croatia vs. England on Wednesday or wait for the finals this weekend. They are broadcasted live from Russia, this year’s host country, early in the morning on the “left coast” where I live. I have seen 20+ games so far, and the elimination round started over this past weekend. I'm still sore that Team USA didn't qualify, but I still root for other favorites of mine.

One of the biggest concerns at any major event like the FIFA World Cup™ is the sale of counterfeit tickets. According to a recent article on HID Global’s website entitled, “HID Global Scores Big with Smart and Secure Tickets for 2018 FIFA World Cup™”, RFID technology has been deployed to prevent counterfeit tickets and ticket fraud. HID Global President and CEO, Stefan Widing, said “We’re confident that this RFID solution, along with the other advanced ticket security features, will give FIFA and attendees an extra level of security and a better overall FIFA World Cup™ experience.” If soccer fans purchase tickets from any source other than the official website, the ticketholders will be barred from entering the stadium and no refunds will be offered. Over 3,000,000 tickets will be sold at the games taking place between June 14 and July 15.

Barcoded tickets can easily be counterfeited, but RFID technology is far more difficult to reproduce. RFID transmits the unique identity of a ticket, and unlike barcodes, they do not need a line-of-sight to read them. “This means attendees can simply tap their tickets to a reader to validate them and gain access to an event, speeding up admissions dramatically in high-volume events such as World Cup™ matches.”

Quartz Group is developing an RFID solution that will enable entity tracking of all products, equipment, and fixed assets. Whether your GOOOOOOOOOOAL is to track a product as it passes through upright posts or you are looking for protection of consumers against counterfeit goods, RFID technology can improve your business. Contact Quartz Group today and learn about future enhancements like labor-tracking, monitoring of WIP, product validation, and transferring finished goods from the production process to the warehouse.

Matt Hellwig

Regional Business Manager

Epicor Manufacturing and Distribution certified consultant. Matt has 19 years of experience in manufacturing and manufatrucing software consulting.